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Here at Good Dog Print Co (GDPC) we believe quality and precision is the most important factor when it comes to ensuring a perfect and crisp print.

Vectorizing your images is important for several reasons:

1. Scalability: Vector images are based on mathematical formulas, which means they can be scaled to any size without losing quality. This is especially useful when you need to enlarge an image for printing or display purposes. Raster or bitmap images, on the other hand, have a fixed number of pixels and can become pixelated and blurry when enlarged.

2. Versatility: Vector images can be easily edited and manipulated. You can change colors, shapes, and sizes without compromising the quality of the image. This flexibility allows for greater creative control and customization.

3. Print quality: Vector images are resolution-independent, which means they can be printed at high quality regardless of the output size. This is particularly important when it comes to printing logos, illustrations, or other graphics that need to maintain their sharpness and clarity.

4. File size: Vector files are generally smaller in size compared to raster files. This makes them easier to store, transfer, and load, especially when working with large quantities of images.

By vectorizing your images, you can enhance their quality, flexibility, and versatility, allowing you to achieve better results in your design projects.

Discover the ultimate in professional-quality convenience with NextDayDTF, the foremost provider of custom DTF Transfers in the industry. Our top-notch DTF (Direct to Film) transfers empower everyone—from small to large shops, hobbyists, and brands—to effortlessly print any design on a wide array of products. Whether you require vibrant whites, solids, gradients, or fine lines, our transfers have virtually no limitations!

  • Committed in delivering top-tier DTF transfers crafted with precision. Giving you the best vibrant colors, extreme details and perfect gradients that work in any product.
  • At NextDayDTF, you'll receive the softest feeling full color DTF transfers, you'll be amazed on things you could do. On top of that, what makes us unique is that our transfers don't wash off! The cold peel transfers allow our shirts to last easily over 50+ washes.
  • Reach us about any concern really! We'll get back at a glazing speed. If there's a misprint, or a quality issue, shoot us a message and we'll send a free replacement.

  • All file types are accepted, please make sure the file uploaded has a transparent background.
  • Resolution should be 300 DPI for maximum image quality almost every image works, just make sure it's visibly not blurry.
  • Every order will be made sure that it meets the basic image requirements and any additional requests that were left while ordering will be followed & enhancements will be made.

Follow these simple instructions for a perfect application:

  • Position and place the transfer onto the garment and place a transfer/parchment paper for the best results.
  • Press the transfer using an heat press or an iron at 320F using medium pressure for 15 seconds.
  • Allow it to cool at least 2-3 minutes and peel from any side. Cold peel option is chosen by default for the best results.
  • There is no need for a repress but it is recommended. So for a repress, simply place the parchment paper again and press 320F for 15 seconds.

  • Wash inside out in cold water
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Air dry after washing

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